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"The Violin Drivers"


                          Vladimir Bodunov                Marta Danilkovich        


     -First Prize Winners in Grand Prize Virtuoso International Music Competition “Salzburg”  2019

-Second Prize in IMKA International Chamber Music Competition 2019

-"Best Band in Hessen" (German Bandcontest SPH 2015)


 Progressive - Classic - Modern - New Metal with 2 Violines Solo and Classical Symphonic Orchestra with Progressive-Metal Band



Here you are exactly right - on our pages you will find all the important and useful information about our band: the next live performances, planned release dates, exsamples from our current compositions, and much more!


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We looking forward to see you on our next concerts!


"The Violin Drivers" 


The project aims: to discover and

 expanding new possibilities to open new ways and directions in music.

 Every composition its new world with own  musical rules.


Open it for yourself with The Violin Drivers.