Steampunk with 2 Violines Solo and Symphonic -Rock Orchestra




"The Violin Drivers" group consists of two expressive, impressive and charismatic violinists.

Vladimir Bodunov:
Violinist, composer and arranger. He publishes his arrangements for two violins in Bärenreuter-Verlag in Kassel. The copies are sold internationally.

Marta Danilkovich:
Violinist and laureate of an international competition, arranger and composer.

The Violin Drivers working  in "style mix", the combination of classical instruments with modern sounds, using different compositional techniques. Steampunk, Baroque and Rock, Classical and Punk, Avantgarde and Folkpop - to name a few examples describing the music of The Violin Drivers.

The intention and idea of the project is to break through the conventional use of the violin and to rediscover the game in a duo. The project aims to give direction to the discovery and expansion of new possibilities.


Main composer, Vladimir Bodunov, collaborated with and wrote in various styles, such as  progressive, rock, pop, avant-garde, jazz ballads and classical modern symphonic music.


His music contains elements from many directions and means for him the combination of mood and energy, resulting in a unique style.


Inside this music, flow deep philosophical thoughts about the meaning of life, protest, fight, passion to love, to love and to enjoy.


 All this  feelings musicians drew from the fund of their lives and the energy of their hearts.


This is expressed in the professionalism, the emotionality and the expressivity of two violin players, combined with self-composed half-playback (drums, bass, organ, horns, harp, stick and other instruments).


"The Violin Drivers" play all songs with two violins solo.
 A special feature is the singing saw, which together with accompanying music, in which a variety of classical and electronic instruments is used, give an extraordinary sound  experience.



The arranged repertoire of The Violin Drives includes famous classical composers, modern own versions of popular rock bands and of course  their own diverse and powerful compositions.