Debut album in process:


We have already drums,

Thank you  Bodo Stricker!





We have already piano,

Thank you Vladimir Matusevich!



We have already timpany,

Thank you  Jeremias Petersen!



Thank you Tristan Eck and Patrick Pfaff!!!

So, rest is 21  instruments...))) in process...




We have already bass-guitar and classical guitar.)

Thank you  Nejc Kuhar!



We have already cello.)

Thank you Attila Hündöl!



So, rest is 18  instruments...))) in process...




Our plan of recording process of debut album The Violin Drivers, Force of energy .... so every new mark in this plan is really great occasion for us). Every new instrument, new recording, every new point here - its new happiness.)))



We will be happy to find sponsors for supporting us or people which is can help us with things, what we trying to do.