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2020 With Aaron Englich

Performed by: Aaron English: vocals, kalimba, keyboards, programming Nazizi: vocals Ali Gul Pir: vocals Vladimir Bodunov: violin, string arrangements Henning Pauly: bass Mattia Saravo: drums Matthew Burgess: percussion Toby Sanmiya: percussion Sam Mehan: didjeridu

2020 TwoSetViolin play Inspiration by V.Bodunov

2015 With Daniel Pain:

Music & Lyrics written and produced by Daniel Pain, (c) 2012. Strings composed & arranged by Vladimir Bodunov, Marta Danilkovich & Daniel Pain. Strings performed by Vladimir Bodunov & Marta Danilkovich.

2017 Robert LaRoche - Jailtown - Live @ DasGreif Lünen

Vocals/Guitar by Robert LaRoche

Bass by Jon Diven Violin by Vladimir Bodunov

2009 Mechanical Oranges "Sorrow Land"

vocal D.Vorobiev violin V.Bodunov

Sound: Iron Gleb. Mensk Belarus 2009

2009 "Bells"  Mechanical Oranges

vocal D.Vorobiev violin V.Bodunov

2009 Belarus National Ensemble "Pesnyary"

2007 Breath  :  Vladimir Bodunov-Dmitrij Vorobiev

Wrote with other composers, musicians, and public figures:

DESTINY'S DOOR : Vladimir Bodunov-Hans Zimmer


He released three CDs with the "Pesnyary".


Participated in the recording of the album:

AMENTIA «Incurable Disease»


Together with Dmitry Vorobiev he recorded the track Breath.

Released a video clip. "Breath."

Participated and got laurels at several american festivals.

"In many of the famous festivals this video was refused to be shown... For obvious reasons I don't publish which ones were rejected..."


Together with the group "Laus Deo" recorded the album "Your Love".

violin keyboards arrangement


Together with the "Mechanical Oranges" he recorded the album "Cheer up, the unhappy go crazy".


Together with D.Vorobiev he recorded the album "The Mechanics of Race"

But due to controversy, the album was not completed.

Several unfinished recordings have been published:


Recorded a track and video together with Aaron English: "Pride"


Recorded a track and video together with Daniel Pain: "Wave Goodbye"


Together with Alescha Jorkowski wrote "Leoni"


Together with Cemile Dincer Video: "Dark Sunday" spontaneous improvisation.


Together with Hadi Awada video clip "Do you love me?"


Together with Anna Balasch wrote music for video: "City 3"


Violin Parts and Tour in Germany with Robert LaRosch