Composer Vladimir Bodunov

'I am very happy pleased and grateful, dear Katharina Rubin for this beautiful portrait! I am unspeakably happy😊 😇😍.

Thank you so much!"

Vladimir Bodunov Spuren Gottes 2021:


vb 2
vb 2

Interview with Athtur Schmidt Wiesbaden 2021:


From Press (Germany),(about concert with my music):

From Press (USA),(about Vladimir Bodunov musical activity):

"The Grand Musical Journey of Vladimir Bodunov "

Authored by Rhea Jimmy

Apr 15, 2021


My canal on Youtube:

Some Photos:


Meine Leidenschaft in der Kunst besteht darin, zunächst einmal nach meiner eigenen Sprache zu suchen oder das zu verwenden, was ich bereits gefunden und angewendet habe..., - in dem Ausdruck und der Beschreibung meiner eigenen Haltung zu einem bestimmten Objekt, das in einem bestimmten Kunstlerwerk beschrieben wird, ausgedrückt in der Suche und dem Finden einer geeigneten spezifischen Technik für die vollständigste Realisierung und Beschreibung einer bestimmten Idee oder eines Teils davon.

"Es ist für mich sehr interessant, in verschiedenen Musikstilen zu arbeiten und sie auch in einem bestimmten Werk miteinander zu kombinieren, z.B. unter Verwendung klassischer, moderner, alternativer, experimenteller Techniken, und gleichzeitig bestimmte konzeptuelle Ideen eines einzelnen Werkes mit dem für diese bestimmte Idee am besten geeigneten musikalischen Material zu verwirklichen, weshalb die Hierarchie der Musikstile für mich einfach nicht existiert. Wenn ein klassisch-moderner Schreibstil für eine bestimmte Idee geeignet ist, ist das wunderbar, aber wenn für eine andere Idee z.B. Rap oder Metal geeignet ist - dann ist das auch in Ordnung".

Vladimir Bodunov

Uladzimir Badunou



My passion in art is to search first of all for my own language or to use what I have already found and applied..., - in the expression and description of my own attitude to a certain object described in a particular Kunstler work, expressed in the search and finding of a suitable specific technique for the most complete realization and description of a particular idea or part of it.

"It is very interesting for me to work in different styles of music and also to combine them in one particular work together, for example using classical, modern, alternative, experimental techniques together, and at the same time realize specific conceptual ideas of a single work, with the most suitable for this particular idea ,-musical material.Therefore, the hierarchy of musical styles for me simply does not exist. If a classic modern style of writing is suitable for a particular idea, it is wonderful, but if for another idea is suitable for example rap or metal - it's also fine."

Vladimir Bodunov

Uladzimir Badunou


List of composed compositions:

Concert for 2 Violins with orchestra

Hope in 3 movements.

for string orchestra with drums timpany harp Orgel Piano oboe basson Trumpet.

String Quartet 1.

Four Seasons.

redaction for Violin solo

redaction for Two Violins

redaction for Piano solo

redaction for Violin and Cello

Animal Tales

Two Cows Talk and a contract, staing on the green field. (for 2 Violins)

The adventures of two brave and bold grasshoppers. (for 2 Violins)

The Mole (Bariton, string orchestra and drums)


Piano + Vocal


Spuren Gottes

Piano + Harp + Violin + Bariton


Reflection and Conclusion

Piano and Violin



String orchestra with solists, drums and bass quitar, Piano.

Do you love me?

String orchestra, Piano, Harp, drums.

full track:



Spuren Gottes

for Klavier, Violin, Harpe und Bariton:


For Piano:

Friedberg-Rosbacher Skizzen.



For Violin:

from Cycle Voices violently killed:

Voice 1


For The Violin Drivers (own project):




Industrial Voices



Force of Energy

The Last Song


Demo Video:




DESTINY'S DOOR : Vladimir Bodunov-Hans Zimmer


The funeral procession of Belarus culture track and Video:


Inspiration (redaction for 2 Violins)



Galactic world for clarinet solo

dedicated to Ettore Pelaschiar


Feedback from anonymous philosopher about piece:

" - a very refined and harmonious modernism... traced female soul theme of lyricism and reflection, but created gently and carefully by a man...

There isa lot of atmosphere of beautiful fragnant nature... And all this with a certain undertone of philosophy about the essence of beautiful being...


Wrote with other composers, musicians, and public figures:

DESTINY'S DOOR : Vladimir Bodunov-Hans Zimmer


He released three CDs with the "Pesnyary".


Participated in the recording of the album:

AMENTIA «Incurable Disease»


Together with Dmitry Vorobiev he recorded the track Breath.

Released a video clip. "Breath."

Participated and got laurels at several american festivals.

"In many of the famous festivals this video was refused to be shown... For obvious reasons I don't publish which ones were rejected..."


Together with the group "Laus Deo" recorded the album "Your Love".

violin keyboards arrangement


Together with the "Mechanical Oranges" he recorded the album "Cheer up, the unhappy go crazy".


Together with D.Vorobiev he recorded the album "The Mechanics of Race"

But due to controversy, the album was not completed.

Several unfinished recordings have been published:


Recorded a track and video together with Aaron English: "Pride"


Recorded a track and video together with Daniel Pain: "Wave Goodbye"


Together with Alescha Jorkowski wrote "Leoni"


Together with Cemile Dincer Video: "Dark Sunday" spontaneous improvisation.


Together with Hadi Awada video clip "Do you love me?"


Together with Anna Balasch wrote music for video: "City 3"


Violin Parts and Tour in Germany with Robert LaRosch


He created many arrangements for two violins especially for the project "Duo Divites". As of 2019 he is out of the project.

At the moment I'm looking for a suitable violinist to continue this project, but under a different name: Violin Duos by Vladimir Bodunov.

I gave the name "Duo Divites" to my former project partner and ex-wife Marta Danilkovic.


Next Concerts 2021:

20.03.2021 Friedberg

Feedback from Press:

Dear friends i hope that we will meet us there. Im very glad to have this possibility to be heard. Thank you so much! See you 20.03.2021 At 17:00 in Musicshool Friedberg (Hessen).

In Programm:
  From 4 Seasons:
1) 'Spring' for  Violin :  performer Vladimir Bodunov
2) 'Summer' for Piano :  performer Georg Klemp

3) 'Winter' for 2 Violins : performers Norman Reaves and Vladimir Bodunov
4) For violin and Piano "Reflection and Conclusion"  : performers Georg Klemp and Vladimir Bodunov
For 2 Violins from "Animal Tales":
5) 'The adventures of two brave and bold grasshoppers'. : performers Norman Reaves and Vladimir Bodunov
6) 'Two Cows Talk and a contract, staing on the green field'. : performers Norman Reaves and Vladimir Bodunov
7) For Piano with vocal: "Maria"  : performers Georg Klemp and Cornelia Halsbauer
8) For 2 Violins: "Inspiration"  : performers Norman Reaves and Vladimir Bodunov

                      Demo Video  with Music by Vladimir Bodunov from Concert 20.03.2021:


04.09.21 Frankfurt am Main um 14:00

Asal Khosravi Vernisage

In Programm:

A.Vivaldi Summer and Spring

V.Bodunov Summer and Spring for Violin solo


12.06.2021 Dreieich PferdenKonzert

(Danke fuer Photos und Videos Valentina Levant)

in Programm: Spontan improvisations , music by J.S.Bach, N.Paganini and V.Bodunov

Some videos here:


30.05.2021 Friedberg Musicschool LehrerKonzert um 17:00

in Programm: J.M.Kraus, A.Dvorak, J.Halvorsen, J.Pachelbel ,J.S.Bach and V.Bodunov


04.06.2021 Um 15:00-18:00 Frankfurt am Main, Festhalle, Impfungszentrum..

   in Programm: J.S.Bach and V.Bodunov


05.06.2021  Um 15:00-18:00 Frankfurt am Main, Festhalle, Impfungszentrum..

   in Programm: J.S.Bach and V.Bodunov
Some photos here:


19.06.2021  Um 15:00-18:00 Frankfurt am Main, Festhalle, Impfungszentrum..

 in Programm: J.S.Bach and V.Bodunov

Some photos here:


03.07.2021  at 16:00 in Frankfurt am Main - violin perfomance

We will meet us here at 16:00:,+60322+Frankfurt+am+Main/@50.1284063,8.6781563,19z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x47bd0eca1617e089:0x7f8d3f554ebae78f!8m2!3d50.1284846!4d8.6787933 

   in Programm: J.S.Bach and V.Bodunov

04.07.2021 at 15:20 Frankfurt am Main  - violin perfomance
(15.20 Uhr, oberhalb des Weihers, Ecke Obermainanlage / Weiherstrasse)

We will meet us here at 15:20:,+Ecke+Obermainanlage+%2F+Weiherstrasse/@50.1121302,8.6952928,19z 

   in Programm: J.S.Bach and V.Bodunov


10.07.2021 at 15:20 Frankfurt am Main - violin perfomance
(15.20 Uhr,  Raiffeisenstrasse, Ecke Roscherstrase, auf der Grünfläche bei der Litfasssäule)

We will meet us here at 15:20:,+Ecke+Roscherstrase,+auf+der+Gr%C3%BCnfl%C3%A4che+bei+der+Litfasss%C3%A4ule++/@50.1283239,8.7308763,148m/data=!3m1!1e3   

in Programm: J.S.Bach and V.Bodunov


11.07.2021  Um 15:00-18:00 Frankfurt am Main, Festhalle, Impfungszentrum..

   in Programm: J.S.Bach and V.Bodunov


14.07.2021 at 18:30  Frankfurt am Main - violin perfomance
We will meet us here at 18:30:,8.6565187,37m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x47bd0945d9c4f2c5:0x3dd48c9d6e4969e5!8m2!3d50.123101!4d8.6564253  

in Programm: J.S.Bach and V.Bodunov



Katharina Rubin


Gruendenseestrasse 19 , 60386 FaM

Um 20:00

In Programm:

V.Bodunov Summer from 4 Seasons for violin solo

Singing Saw...

and more...



Dear ladies and gentlemen,

I would love to invite you this evening 11 of December in Wiesbaden “Kartina club”.

This evening will be really something special…,  and I hope that we together ,will enjoy this evening so much….


We have for you: different kind of live music with different kind of performances ,very great and good  vegan food …, genial painters and composers, good sound and light and video effects…, you will try everything there … and we will cooking very tasty stuffs just for you🎼 so : we gonna mixing: different kinds of Arts toghether: Music ,Painting, live acts , performances, masterclasses, shows , exhibition and so on…

Are you ready to go?


Better reserve your tickets now.




Kartina-Club Wiesbaden

with music by V.Bodunov and other Artists, Dancers and performers.

You can preorder ticket.

(The number of seats is limited.)

Dresscode for listeners:

suit for men, elegant evening gown for ladies

Ticket 50 euro

In Programm:

Music Programm : around 3 hours

7 musicians

Different Perfomances



More than one stage...

and even more...


Premiere "Spuren Gottes"


Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

Ich möchte Sie gerne für den 11. Dezember nach Wiesbaden in den "Kartina Club" einladen. (Flachstrasse 13)

Dieser Abend wird wirklich etwas Besonderes sein..., und ich hoffe, dass wir gemeinsam, diesen Abend so sehr genießen werden....

Wir haben für euch vorbereitet: Live-Musik mit verschiedenen Darbietungen, leckere Snacks..., talentierte Maler und Komponisten, gute Ton- und Lichteffekte und Videoeffekte..., ihr werdet dort alles erfahren... 🎼

..also: wir werden verschiedene Arten von Kunst zusammen mischen: Musik, Malerei, Live-Acts, Performances, Shows, Ausstellung und so weiter...

Sind Sie bereit das alles zu erleben?


Reservieren Sie besser gleich Ihre Tickets.

Eintritt nur mit 3G.


+4917676508100 Regina

+4915223186523 Vladimir

+4915901499436 Artur


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Some of Video Examples with music by V.Bodunov


Demonstration video with short cuts of music by Vladimir Bodunov.

for violin solo

violin and piano


piano and vocal

2 violins

 Summer for Violin solo from Seasons: 

2set violins play "Inspiration" by V.Bodunov

The adventures of two brave and bold grasshoppers. (for 2 Violins) 

DESTINY'S DOOR : H.Zimmer-V. Bodunov

For contest by Hans Zimmer "Bleeding Fingers":


  "Breath" : for violin, quitar , vocal,triangle and  clatter of teeth. V.Bodunov-D.Vorobiev

                  V.Bodunov - Reflection and Conclusion (1998) live for piano and violin

  "Dark Sunday" spontaneous improvisation with Cemile Dincer.


"Funeral procession of Belarus culture"

"Do you love me?" -Minimusical

"Do you love me?" -  V.Bodunov, full soundtrack

"The City-3" - V. Bodunov - D.Vorobiev- A. Ballash

"The Violin Drivers" - Demo video, live.

D.Vorobiev-V.Bodunov  live - "edges which is no more"

I have enouph of compositions  for different instruments which is waiting to be performing on the stage.

But mostly I dreaming about good recordings with best musicians i will find.

Please help my Music to be heard.

I need just money or  free studio, please!!!

Thank you so much!!!



Thank you so much!!!

Abgesagte Concerts Corona:

2020 klosterkirche-altenberg

Das war so vile das ich habe keine Lust das strukturieren....